As many of you are probably seeing on social media, changes to the Havasu Falls Reservation process are coming for 2019.

We started investigating some of the statements.  Some information posted in other social media sources, seem to contain unofficial statements.  Some seem to be interjecting info beyond the basic official stance we are privy to.

We are letting our readers know below, what we found out, verbatim.  Our intent is to provide those facts.  Without attempting to guess the “Why”, to any of this.   What changes “may” be coming.  Or to discuss the positives or negatives of ongoing Tribal decisions, from a “Tourist’s” point of view.

We do not not know any additional “official” information.  Nor do we know what detailed process changes the tribe will enact, to accomplish their goals for 2019.

Here is the official information we received.    We will continue to post updates.  But only as we receive any additional information from an official source.   We are sure this is even subject to change at any given time.

The Havasupai Tribe will not be issuing outfitter licenses for the 2019 tourism season.

Visitors to the area will be required to make reservations directly with the Tourism Office, beginning early February 2019.

Tourists are encouraged to pack in their own gear, or if necessary, make a reservation with the tourism office for a tribally approved packer for an additional charge.

In addition, AirWest Helicopters will be accepting reservations for transport in and out of Supai.

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  1. It seems it will be a multi-step process for 2019. Some of it is still vague and impossible to get “official” set in stone answers.

    We understand you must establish an account starting January 8th, 2019 on the official Havasupai website.

    Then Feb 1, 2019 the reservation system to secure permits will open up. We assume again through their official website. We don’t know if you will get informed or just need to keep checking. But it appears you do have to establish an account first.

    There is a menu button at the top of the page for their official website. That is their site. FYI, we have no affiliation with it.

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