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We are not the official Havasupai website.  For their official website refer to the menu button labeled as such, above.

We created this website because the same questions keep getting asked repeatedly.    Rather than typing the same things over and over through other forms of social media, we can simply reference a link on our site.

While our best information comes from local contacts, much of this info is amassed from questions being asked.  It is continually refreshed as someone sends us updated feedback.

The Havasu Falls area really encompasses a large chunk of Havasupai Tribal land.  In and around the village of Supai, Arizona.  Supai and Havasu Creek are both located in a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.   A Canyon called Cataract Canyon, but also known as Havasu Canyon.  The area does include an actual waterfall that carries the name Havasu Falls.  Amazingly in this desert terrain, the general area includes numerous other waterfalls.  All of which are spectacular in their own ways.

For the most part, if you want to see the waterfalls.  Be prepared to hike or backpack about 12 miles one way to get there.  Entrance requires at least one nights reservation, and entrance fee’s.  There are no roads. There are also some grueling switchbacks to descend or ascend the canyon wall.  Helicopter service is available, but not all days of the week.

Most that contribute information here are a group of simple backpackers that have enjoyed traveling by foot all over parts of North America.  Most specifically the desert southwest of the United States.  Sprinkled in there through life, many have experienced adventures in other countries.

We knew the Havasu Falls area of the Grand Canyon was one of North America’s top Backpacking destinations.  For some reason, at least for us, it kept getting pushed to the back burner.  We eventually made the trip.  Some of our original group have returned 6 or 7 times.  Some, multiple times in the same year.

Our first trip was plagued by lack of information, or misinformation.  We could not find a source of accumulated data, or anyone to ask questions of.  We fortunately had the advantage of being able to return numerous years.  We gained our knowledge for the most part, by trial and error.

With the difficulties in securing permits/reservations.  At least reservations that afford a person to line up with personal schedules, work schedules, or travel arrangements.  This trip can be difficult to put together.  Most that have made the trip agree, the Reservation process is by far the largest hurdle.

I personally could never coordinate something until I retired.  First I didn’t have hours available to sit on a phone redialing over and over attempting to get answered on the reservation number.  Then my vacation picks at work always proceeded the start of reservations February of each year.   I just couldn’t get things to line up.

At least in 2018 we saw the welcomed “on-line” reservation system finally come to fruition.  That “on-line” reservations system took away the endless hours spent on the phone.  In its place the entire years worth of reservations are snapped up in a matter of hours.  Though this on-line system is a quick process, it is still stressful!

Some people will find this trip is a once in a life time shot.   You don’t want to do your “only” trip with a “recon mission” mentality.  You want to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can, before you hit the trail and start down those dusty switchbacks!

The information on these pages is an accumulation of knowledge.  Condensed from a large number of backpackers that have visited this area.  Information obtained from actually doing it ourselves , from “First Timers”,  to those “Seasoned” types that have been hiking into this remote area most of their lives.   From time to time, some of the locals even help keep us on the path.

We are in no way associated with the “Official” website operated by the Havasupai Tribe.  They do operate an official  site that is available.  We have a special Menu Button that links to their site.

We do operate an associated Facebook group, with the same name as our website, with over 4000 [as of June 2018] members.  At one time this was a public and open group, until jerks attempted to use it for their own personal agenda.  Unfortunately the group settings are currently set to “Secret”.  So it is a little difficult to find and get into.

With our website, we simple try to provide more detail for those that have never visited the area.  A place for people to share their stories and photos.  We attempt to keep up with changing policies and pricing.  For the latest pricing you do need to review the official Havasupai Tribe website though.

More general information on us, can be found by going to “ABOUT US”

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