Welcome to the Home Page of Backpacking Havasu Falls .    Simply put, we are here to serve those that are on a quest to Backpack the Havasu Falls area.   We provide free content in one convenient source.

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The majority of the information found on our webpages is not specific to just this single backpacking adventure.  The majority of this information can easily be applied to any trek you attempt to do.

We are NOT the official Havasupai Tribal Website.

Also remember the info on this site is an accumulation of backpackers input.  Often subjected to error, and ignorance of local tribal  changes, laws, or restrictions.

Anyone using or referring to any of this material accepts the fact they must determine on their own what is factual or not, what applies to local area laws, customs, restrictions, etc., or not.

This website,  admins, affiliates, advertisers, and contributing members, bear no responsibility for determining the facts pertaining to the preceding paragraphs.

We created this website because we have made numerous trips.  We have many experienced contacts that wish to share their knowledge.

The same questions kept getting asked repeatedly by people that have never been there.   It started out simply enough.  Originally for friends, family, and acquaintances.   Our sole purpose slowly morphed into trying to help answer questions of people that intend to visit the area for the first time, and are unable to find answers elsewhere.

Back around 2010 and earlier, helpful detailed info was hard to come by.  Or what could be found was very vague.

Now with social media, we often see erroneous recommendations, or bad info from visitor’s posts, or thread replies.

Rather than us typing the same things over and over through other forms of social media, we can simply reference a link on our site.

We realize how many visiting the area, have no clue about backpacking etiquette, or camping etiquette, in general.  Let alone any knowledge of rules/laws/customs that may differ in this area.

We do operate our associated Facebook group, with the same name as our website, with over 8000 [as of February 2019] members.

With our website, we simple try to provide more detail for those that have never visited the area.  A place for people to share their stories and photos.

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