Snow Photos from February 2019 are drifting in

Those hardy souls that made the trek around February 19 through 22, 2019 braved some serious weather. Two lane roads, as well as Interstate highways, shut down due to record breaking snow fall. Not one person recommended taking skis…..LOL!

If you have your own photo(s) to share, please follow over to the article for more info. We would love to add them to those we are receiving. Some will make it on the website!

Click this link to see the article on Winter Conditions

Hilltop Parking Trail Head – February 2019 Image Courtesy of: WISPP

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This post focuses on Cold Weather Backpacking. This website may be geared more for a specific location. Sure, the Havasupai area is a specialized backpacking trip. But the general thoughts on this subject spans just about any backpacking trip where you might encounter temperatures below 30°F.

Feb 2019 saw weather that broke snowfall records around the area. Night time low temperatures dipped into the low teens (Fahrenheit). IR#18 [road between Old RT 66 and the Hilltop Trail Head parking area] was closed for several periods of time due to snow.

Even Interstate 40 between Kingman, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ was shut down due to snow. Some people reported Kingman getting 12 inches of snow. All stuff unheard of for the area. At least for periods of many years in between.

The point is… prepared!

Click Link for the full article on Cold Weather Backpacking.

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MID FEBRUARY 2019 Cold Spell

Backpacking the Havasu Falls area this time of year, backpackers often experience cold weather. Especially the night time temperatures.

Click here for more on COLD WEATHER BACKPACKING info.

The past few days, and it appears for the coming week or so. The Havasu Falls area may experience night time temperatures dropping into the low teens (Fahrenheit). This is unusually cold. Day time highs will struggle to make it higher than the upper thirties. (Fahrenheit).

People in Las Vegas and closer area’s are reporting lower than normal temperatures. Las Vegas is looking at temperatures in the mid twenties (Fahrenheit) at night.

While these temperatures are “business as usual” for many winter backpackers. Such conditions for someone ill prepared or inexperienced, can really present some danger.

Such conditions require quality gear, high calorie foods & snacks, and the ability to stay dry and keep warm. This includes keeping your feet, hands, face, and head warm. Day and night!

It is advised you don’t start this trek taking a light-hearted approach. Not in these conditions. If you think your gear may be inadequate. It probably will be. Make sure you know what you are getting into. Make sure you know what you are doing. What might be a minor discomfort during normal weather, may have serious consequences if you are not prepared.

Know the signs of hypothermia. Don’t be afraid to admit to yourself or to those in your group you have a problem. If someone in your group is having symptoms. You need to help them. Get them warmed up. Even drinking warmed water will help. Check on people that complain they are cold.

If for some reason you fall in the water with your clothes on, during really cold temperatures. You need to get the wet clothes off. Get dry, and warm up as soon as possible.

In a group atmosphere encourage others to be open about voicing concerns they may be getting into trouble. Then act in such a fashion everyone is OK. Remember your gear might be better than the gear your co-backpackers have. That includes clothing and footwear. Don’t judge someone else on how comfortable you may feel.

If you feel you are in a situation that could go from bad to worse. Start hiking to your vehicle. Walk at a good pace to warm up and keep warm. Walk steady and don’t stop until you have made it safely to your vehicle. You can always return and do this trip another time.

Signs and Symptoms of Hypothermia

Stage 1
Awake and Shivering
Possible increased urine production and mental confusion

Stage 2
Drowsy and not Shivering
Mental confusion, Slurred speech, loss of fine motor skills
Paradoxical undressing

Stage 3
Not shivering
Mental confusion, decreased or increased heart rate, decrease in breathing rate
Paradoxical undressing

Stage 4
No Vital Signs

NOTE: Paradoxical undressing: As a person becomes disoriented, confused, and combative. They may begin discarding their clothing. Further increasing body heat loss.

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HAVASUPAI 2019 Pricing just announced

A special announcement and notice to our email subscribers!

You can go directly to their Official Website for more details.

2019 Campground Reservations

ALL visits to Havasupai and Havasu Falls require a reservation made PRIOR to arrival.

The campground is a “camp wherever you want” campground running for over a mile on both sides of Havasu Creek between Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls in the Grand Canyon.

2019 Campground Reservation Pricing:
$100 per person per weekday night
$125 per person per weekend night (Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights)

These prices include all necessary permits, fees, and taxes.

And, since nearly everyone agrees that 3 Nights / 4 Days is the ideal amount of time to best enjoy a visit…

ALL 2019 Campground Reservations will be for 3 Nights / 4 Days!

(you are welcome to make back-to-back reservations to extend your stay if those dates are still available)

Day 1: Hike in and set up camp
Day 2 and 3: Two full days to rest, relax, enjoy, explore
Day 4: Hike out

And, to keep it fair for everyone, ALL reservations will be done online this year here at

There will be NO phone reservations this year.

Please do NOT Call!

Please leave the phones lines open for actual customer service calls.

If you call asking for a camping reservation, you will be told to do it online like everyone else.

ALL campground spots for all of 2019 (February through November) will be available online starting February 1, 2019 at 8 AM (Arizona Time) here at

On February 1st, sign in to your account any time before 8 AM to get ready – and then at 8 AM the page will automatically refresh and the “Make a 2019 Campground Reservation” button will activate which will allow you to proceed.

Their info is here verbatim for your convenience.

There is only one name on the reservation – and a reservation is only valid if the person named on the reservation is present at the Tourist Check-in Office in the Village of Supai (on the way to the campground) with photo ID – otherwise the reservation is NOT valid and will NOT be honored. People included on your reservation may reimburse you for up to the face value cost of their spot on your reservation. Native American discounts are processed upon check-in with a valid reservation and identification. All reservations are paid in full at the time the reservation is made and are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-changeable. Reselling of reservations (in whole or in part) is strictly prohibited. Trip/travel insurance is thus highly recommended.

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Jan 8, 2019 is step one, in attempting to secure camping reservations for the entire 2019 season.

This year you have to pre-register on-line and establish an account [Starts Jan 8, 2019]

Then on Feb 1, 2019 the on-line reservation system will turn up for registered people. Don’t forget to pre-register!

Be sure to share this will fellow backpackers. Also subscribe to our email list to get the latest. As soon as we know it!

Click here for Official Links, Details, and an Outline of their process to establish an account.

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2019 Camping Reservation Changes you need to be aware of!

In 2019 you must have established an account prior to making reservations on Reservations Opening day 2/1/2019. This is a big change for 2019 that may catch many by surprise.

They are calling the account establishing process “GET READY”. “Get Ready” starts January 8, 2019.

Follow the Link to Supai Campground for more info.

Note: If you are subscribed to our email, you will receive this notice as soon as published. Please forward to your backpacking friends. Those not subscribed and stumble into this information please consider filling in the Subscribe To Our Email form

Get informed as soon as we do!

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As many of you are probably seeing on social media, changes to the Havasu Falls Reservation process are coming for 2019.

We started investigating some of the statements.  Some information posted in other social media sources, seem to contain unofficial statements.  Some seem to be interjecting info beyond the basic official stance we are privy to.

We are letting our readers know below, what we found out, verbatim.  Our intent is to provide those facts.  Without attempting to guess the “Why”, to any of this.   What changes “may” be coming.  Or to discuss the positives or negatives of ongoing Tribal decisions, from a “Tourist’s” point of view.

We do not not know any additional “official” information.  Nor do we know what detailed process changes the tribe will enact, to accomplish their goals for 2019.

Here is the official information we received.    We will continue to post updates.  But only as we receive any additional information from an official source.   We are sure this is even subject to change at any given time.

The Havasupai Tribe will not be issuing outfitter licenses for the 2019 tourism season.

Visitors to the area will be required to make reservations directly with the Tourism Office, beginning early February 2019.

Tourists are encouraged to pack in their own gear, or if necessary, make a reservation with the tourism office for a tribally approved packer for an additional charge.

In addition, AirWest Helicopters will be accepting reservations for transport in and out of Supai.

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ZION NATIONAL PARK closes the NARROWS access 9/25/2018 Re Opened 9/28/2018

[9/28/2018] The below info has a status change.  As of Friday September 28, 2018 the Narrows, Top Down permits are again being issued.  An agreement was reached with a landowner, to resolve the conflict.


[9/25/2018]  Reports started flowing in 9/25/2018 that Zion National Park has suspended issuing permits to the “Narrows” area, including the popular “Top-Down” trips.

Zion Narrows

This is due to a dispute over Private Property rights.

Day hiking from the Temple of Sinawava to Big Spring is open.  Upstream travel beyond Big Spring is prohibited.

We haven’t heard what has triggered this.  It is a reminder to respect the land, and the locals at all times, no matter where you travel.  You never know what might make someone decide to no longer share.

Here is a Link to the official Zion NP website.

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One of our contributors has provided a great write-up on Hidden Falls.   Again we wish to thank Jessica Rose for her time.  But alas we have been informed this area is Off Limits to visitors/tourists.

Those recommending a visit to this area are misinformed.  We where given  information that this particular Falls, and general side trail area is not marked on purpose .   Visitors and tourists are not suppose to be in this area.

Brain Volk writes:

There is a reason that there aren’t signs marking this falls, and above it, on the trail, there are signs saying not to go there. The cliff and ground around it is unstable.

The Ramada (wooden structure) is rebuilt and used for ceremonies. Its not an area where tourists are supposed to go. We are not welcome to go off the main trail here.

Follow Link to Hidden Falls for Details and Photo!

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