Since the below info [Article & Photos] was submitted, we received new info that this area, including Hidden Falls,  is “Off Limits” to visitors/tourists.   Please respect that fact   If you have any questions inquire at the Camper Check-in Office or with a local ranger   The following was sent to us by Brian Volk.

 Visitors and tourists are not suppose to be in this area.   Brain Volk writes:

There is a reason that there aren’t signs marking this falls.  Above it, on the trail, there are signs saying not to go there. The cliff, and ground around it, is unstable.   There is danger of collapse without warning.  This “Off Limits” area is included directly below this cliff.  Including the stream and Hidden Falls.

The Ramada (wooden structure) is rebuilt and used for ceremonies. Its not an area where tourists are supposed to go. We [tourist/visitors] are not welcome to go off the main trail here.

Please respect these facts and wishes of the locals.   Enjoy this particular area & waterfalls virtually from some photos that exist.  View it only through the info provided on this page.  Don’t venture into this area off the main trail!


The following detailed description and images were submitted to us by Jessica Rose.  Consider the info and images copyright.  You would need written permission from Jessica Rose to copy and use this information.

We have since removed much of the details and some photos and indicate this area is OFF LIMITS!   Those recommending you visit this area are misleading you.  It is not allowed.

Note: The “Ramada” in this area was constructed for ceremonial purposes.  This is not for Tourists/Visitors. If you somehow miss signs or find yourself here. STOP! Turn around and get back on the main trail.