Backpacking Havasu Falls is a trip of a lifetime.  The Havasu Falls area is a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.  Located in a remote area of Arizona, USA, on Native American tribal lands.  It is one of North America’s top Backpacking destinations.   While roads and motor vehicles will get you close.  The last miles are by foot in harsh desert terrain.

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Our core team has made numerous trips to the village of Supai, camped the campground, used the Lodge, and extensively explored the numerous waterfalls. We have ventured into the area in all seasons of the year, hitting just about any weather you might ever encounter.

We are in no way associated with the Havasupai Tribe/People
or their Official Website. 

Our views and opinions, or those of others, found on this BackpackingHavasuFalls website many not always be up to date, factual at any point, or be official Havasuapai views or opinions.

Anyone entering the area needs to fully understand local customs, rules, laws, etc.  They may differ from other non-tribal areas of the USA.

In addition to this website, we manage a specialized Facebook group of the same name. Contributions of knowledge have been gathered from a wide spectrum of hikers/backpackers.  Some first timers, some seasoned backpackers, contacts with large, organized groups, and a handful of the locals willing to share.  Of course, being social media, we get responses totally 180 degrees from the true.  You have to evaluate the information.  Discard what seems to differ from common sense.

It would be difficult to find all the info we have gathered from all ability levels, in any other single spot.

Our first trip was kind of a disorganized experience. As we backpacked out and decided one trip wasn’t enough.  We also realized many other travelers might not have a second chance.  That first trip, while amazing.  Was more like a recon mission.  Lots of precious time was wasted.   Any more this is a relatively expensive trip, for the time frame involved.  Many visitors need to be armed with more knowledge to truly have an enjoyable once in a lifetime experience.

After all, since this is one of North America’s most desired backpacking destinations.   The prices are no longer inexpensive.  You want to get your first trip right.  You may never get another opportunity.  This trip takes lots of planning. Especially securing a reservation that allows you to even enter the area.  Parts of that reservation process are difficult & frustrating to say the least.  In fact, securing your reservation will be the most difficult hurdle of the entire trip.

Entrance and camping fees have increased in cost year after year.  Especially the last few years.  For some, this trip is becoming less and less affordable.  Doing the trip half armed, with little knowledge, is certainly not the way to go.

We also wish to thank the continuous support we receive from the backpacking community out there.  The locals that help us and put up with us.  The writers & photographers.  Those that back us monetarily and with donated labor.   All of this allows us to provide free content for those searching for information.

All funds, labor, web design and maintenance, articles, information, photos and videos found on this site are donated.  Allowing us to share.  We encourage those with the ability to donate a buck or two, those that can write, or provide stunning photos and videos. To keep this type of help and media flowing to us. We wouldn’t exist without your donations and help. Thank You so very much!

Hope to catch up to you on the trail someday!