This post focuses on Cold Weather Backpacking. This website may be geared more for a specific location. Sure, the Havasupai area is a specialized backpacking trip. But the general thoughts on this subject spans just about any backpacking trip where you might encounter temperatures below 30°F.

Feb 2019 saw weather that broke snowfall records around the area. Night time low temperatures dipped into the low teens (Fahrenheit). IR#18 [road between Old RT 66 and the Hilltop Trail Head parking area] was closed for several periods of time due to snow.

Even Interstate 40 between Kingman, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ was shut down due to snow. Some people reported Kingman getting 12 inches of snow. All stuff unheard of for the area. At least for periods of many years in between.

The point is… prepared!

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