CHECK-OUT Lodge & Campground

If you stayed at the Lodge we assume there is a check-out procedure?

You need to inquire as to the latest process, while you are checking into the Lodge.

Many want to depart early morning, so setting up check-out the day before is  necessary.

Gear Drop/Pack Animal information for people staying at the Lodge should be inquired about at least the day before too.  Just in case things have changed.  Tag and drop your gear in the appropriate location.


As far as we know you do not have to check out of the campground.

Also if you are a camper you do not need to stop anywhere and check out.   If using a Pack Animal for gear transport you should have gotten a tag the day you checked in.  Tag your gear and drop it at the front area of the campground.    Check with a ranger on your way in so you know the correct spot.