The Colorado River confluence with Havasu Creek, is a doable round trip from the Campground.  It it is a long and strenuous day trip though.  Most visitors, even returning visitors, even seasoned backpackers and hikers, rarely attempt this section.

This trek is a 16 mile round trip from the campgrounds.  Pretty much double what you will experience from the trail head to the village.  Do not embark on unless hike you are physically fit,  and able to do 16 miles in pretty much a non-stop manner.

Don’t be talked into this trip by a friend or spouse unless you are a well seasoned hiker, with lots of endurance.  Many under estimate this trip.  Many get caught in the dark coming back.  Remember you have to ascend Mooney Falls to return to the Campground area.

Recommendations of those that do it….take plenty of drinking water, and a filter.  Take high energy food.

Don’t expect a well defined trail.   Above all, leave as early as possible.  Then head back as quickly as possible.

Read about cautions against drinking stream water.

Leave at first light.  Beat the crowd descending Mooney so you aren’t delayed.

If you do succeed in making it to the confluence.  You will be rewarded with the sight of seeing the merging of the Turquoise waters of the stream, with the Colorado’s more muddy water.  It is a spectacular sight.

To those that refuse to listen to some that have made the trek, or attempted the trek.   It is a long hike!  The trail is less defined since most people never attempt this section.  It is a slot canyon so you shouldn’t get terribly lost, but you do have make your own way in places.  Some have reported bushwhacking conditions in some areas.

Be ever mindful of the potential of Flash Floods.  For the most part you are on your own in this area.

Some of the rewards?  More beauty.  Less people.  A sense of accomplishment.

This trip is definitely not for everyone.   Probably not even the majority. Think long an hard before you attempt it.  Don’t get talked into it by someone else.    At 16 miles round trip this is nearly twice the distance you did from the trail head to the village.

There are reports from some that returned so late they were stuck below Mooney Falls all night.

If you are remotely reluctant.  Listen to that voice in your head.  Explore some of the closer side trips.   Your common sense is probably trying to tell you something. There is plenty to see and do other than this long trek.

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