DOGS & PETS Can I take them on the trip?

Some have indicated locals have posted on Facebook that pets are allowed? Some visitors have posted photo’s, and video’s, showing they take their pets.

We have been told by some locals that visitors should not be bring their pets along?  That is contradicting information.  That being said, we don’t know the official tribal answer.

At one time it was found on the internet that the Tribal rules did not allow pets  being brought along but that is a few years back before they established an official website.   So…………….

We understand starting in 2019 this will be enforced.  Even service dogs are not permitted.

Even ignoring the fact some places of information may or may not state to leave your pets at home, be aware there are numerous local dogs running loose. It is doubtful they have vaccinations of any sort.

There are animal pack trains (a.k.a Horses/Mules ) that pass on the trail quite often. The horses and mules sometimes wonder through camp. Your pets are in danger of being injured.

Your pets may cause injury to local pack animals.  It is assumed you would be responsible for damages.

Coyotes might make a meal of your Fido too.

I am a dog lover and have two myself. I love to hike with them. But I don’t bring them here. Please take the advice of many others (the reasonable ones) that have been here…this is not the place to bring your dog.  Of course there is going to be the inconsiderate person saying it is OK, it was great, and so on.

The camping area can be congested. The village always is. Either place is a good place to get into a conflict if someone has a difference of opinion, on the behavior of your animal.  You will be in a crowd with no one appreciating what you are doing.  Especially if the dog owner doesn’t adhere to pooper scooper rules, and “Pack it out” rules.  There are no waste barrels. You have to pick it up and pack it out….and most don’t.

If you don’t heed advice please don’t be that person that looks the other way while your pet takes a dump, then walk away.  Most of us leave the city to get away from neighbors that subscribe to this same thinking.  Can you image this place if people continue to do this?

Most dogs are not as behaved as the owners think they are.

You are under reservation law while in this area. Rules and reasoning may not be what you expect should your pet bite someone, or cause a pack animal to be injured and need to be put down, or taken out of service for a time. Remember these animals are their livelihood. I would assume you would be responsible to cover medical costs, animal replacement, lost wages, etc? That doesn’t even touch on your dog getting kicked, trampled, eaten, or snake bit.

We do see people ignoring the local’s requests on many things. Also being rude and un-thoughtful of fellow campers. The “all about me mentality”.

A pet would also hinder you from enjoying the descent below Mooney Falls through the tunnels and down the chains and ladders. That would also cut you off from hiking down the canyon further to Beaver Falls.

Let’s rephrase that to read, “a pet would prevent most people from descending Mooney Falls.  There are always a few “inconsiderate’s” that take their dogs down the chains and ladders. No consideration for the safety of anyone else.  “All about me” you know.  The only person in the crowd that thinks that is OK and acceptable is guess who?

This is snake country. Be sure to watch where you walk. Also watch where you place your hands while climbing on rocks. There are rattlesnakes in the area. That is a hazard for your canine friend.

That being said I am sure you will run into those people that only think about themselves….you know the universe revolves around them…..bringing their dog. Most people smile and try to cope even though this is probably about as rude as a person can be toward others.

My dogs, and those of many others, stay at home for this adventure.