Medical Emergencies can happen 
There is no public Health Care Facilities in Supai, at least not for non-locals.  It can be many hours away for medical treatment.  Emergency transportation out of the canyon will be very costly.  It may not be available at night or during certain weather conditions.

Most suggest trying to make contact with a ranger or local for advice or help if you are in serious need.  This is were not traveling solo is a benefit.  A backpacking buddy may have to trek to the village or trail head to seek out help for someone seriously injured.

ATV Transport by a ranger or local law enforcement may be the only way to transport an injured victim to the village for Helicopter transport.  We understand starting in 2018 the fee just for the ATV is going to be $500.

Special Medi-vac helicopters are big bucks.  This is not the place to get injured.  It will be the injured parties responsibility to pay all costs.  Air medi-vac can be tens of thousands of dollars.  Only the injured may get to go.  Others in the party most likely will have to hike out.  Then find their own transportation to visit you in a hospital.  Hopefully the injured isn’t the one with car keys, and that gets forgotten!

Carry your own first aid such as bandaids, bandage wraps, moleskin, ointments, etc for non serious injuries.

Numerous people end up with some type of foot, ankle, or leg injury and find it too painful to hike out.  Blisters, popped off toenails, sprained ankles, or a tweaked knee are more common than you think.  These injuries are more common for those not used to hiking with a pack, those carrying heavy packs, or those that fail to buy good & properly fitted footwear or socks, or choose not to break them in prior to the trip.

Carry at least $100 cash or credit card in case you need to fly out via the regular helicopter.  Keep this $100 in reserve at all times.  If you are planning on buying meals, Gatorade, etc., take more with you.

Also carry enough cash for pack animal fees, snacks & food.  You may need to buy gallons of water too.