These meal kits provide a no-cook trail meal, or in camp meal, when you need or want to travel light. Not only are these great for long distant multi-day backpacking trips. You can also enjoy these on day hikes, Canoe/Kayak trips, or a quick meal during a vehicle road trip. They can be individually customized.

Your container will be a 1 gallon freezer zip lock bag. Inside this you place a folded paper towel or napkin. Two or more appropriate sized tortillas (your choice: corn-flour-wheat or even a variety of flat breads) One foil pouch of meat (i.e. Tuna-Albacore-Chicken). Individual serving foil packs of (Your choice: Mayo, Ketchup, Relish, Jelly, Butter, Honey, Peanut Butter). You know, those little foil condiment type packs you get with meals at any fast food place.

Of course the tortillas/flat bread, meat, and condiments are your meal and dessert snack. The napkin is your plate, and to clean up your hands and face after the meal. The Zip Lock bag after the meal becomes your “Pack it Out” container to keep food residue off other items in your pack. If backpacking in an area that allows campfires, the used paper towels become your fire starter.

The zip locks, when emptied of the meal, and replaced with the left over trash, are nearly weightless. They go back in your pack to “Pack it Out”.

If foil pouch meal kits are all of your meals, you are literally eating up the pack weight they cause. Your pack lightens up a little each day.

These meals require no Stove or Fuel. Many Ultra-light backpackers use this or a similar method. Allowing them to leave the stove, pots, and fuel at home. After all, you don’t need every convenience for 3 or 4 days on the trail.