We are assuming you will come to the intersection of Old Rt 66 and IR # 18 via Old Rt 66. Either through Kingman, Arizona from the west. Or through Seligman, Arizona from the east.

In all cases it is suggested you have enough gas to do a round trip from your last gas, out and back from the trail head, and to your next gas. Typically around 150 miles or more.

There are no gas/fuel or services, or businesses of any sort, the entire route of IR#18 out to the dead end at the Trail Head parking lot. This is a desolate stretch of road. You won’t even pass any houses reasonably close to the road. Maybe a ranch or two way off the road.

From the West (Kingman)

From the East (Seligman)

This page is under construction. Businesses supplying fuel in this area can be listed. The business or travelers can submit information. Business address, Services, Hours of Operation, Phone Number, Website/Social Media, Photos,

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