(East of IR 18 & RT 66 at mile marker 115)
(65 Miles 1h 57 min to trail head)   Many make this in around 1 h 30 min
115 Mile Marker AZ-66
Peach Springs, AZ 86434
(928) 422-3223
Yelp Rating 4 out of 5 (2/6/2019)  (Rating on the Caverns/Inn, not the Campground)
They don’t seem to have a Yelp presence in relationship to just the campgrounds?

Editors Note:  We have not only camped here, and eaten in the restaurant.  We have also done the cavern tour, and eaten lunch down in the cavern.

After receiving lots of negative feedback on our high recommendation to camp here, we have altered part of our review.   We also visited in October 2018 to camp and check out complaints we received.

Our Oct 2018 review pertains to cost verses value when camping in the campgrounds.  We agree with those complaining.  We don’t want to mislead you.  They they do maintain a 4 out of 5 rating on Yelp.  That might be in part because that Yelp rating is in relationship to their Motel or the Caverns.  They don’t seem to have a Yelp presence strictly for the campground?

But location is everything!

While Solo Tent camping mid October 2018 for one night, I was charged $42.  I thought they were thinking I wanted an RV site with power and water or something?  I questioned, that this was for just me, tent camping, one night.  Nope, according to the girl at the counter, the price was $42.  With a AARP discount, it ended up being $38 something.

Though they did say that included breakfast in the cafe down on the main road…..after 6am.  Like that was going to make up for some of the excessive charging?   That breakfast was a disappointment.  It is just coffee, juice, and mostly carbs such as pastries, cereal, toast, and bagels.  You get nothing like bacon or eggs.  It is self serve.

After camping many, many, places in the USA.  I can say this is the most I have ever paid to tent camp.  Unfortunately along with that came some not so great of facilities.    Though if you camp the rural desert southwest you will get similar facilities in some places….just not at this price.  I might even consider the price doable, if it were a fancy RV park with immaculately maintained facilities and showers.

But that wasn’t the case.  Their bathrooms/showers are way less than desirable.  In need of sprucing up and better maintenance.  Pretty much the complaints we were receiving on what we were accused of previously overrating the place.

So be prepared!

All of this is too bad.  Managed correctly, this place could be a gold mine.  As it is, unless I am doing a Supai trip, I won’t go out of my way again to camp here in the future.

The campground is somewhat rough if you are expecting RV park like conditions.   All sites are dirt or gravel/rock.  Some sites do have power and water.  Those sites appear to be the best graded too.  Picnic tables are scattered among low growing evergreens such as Pinyon Pines.  But many sites do not have a picnic table.  This might be OK to those with RV’s.  Kind of sucks for tent campers.

It can be hot in the summer and cold other times of the year.  This is at a higher elevation.

One year we camped toward the end of May.  Pleasant days, but night time temps dropped to near freezing.  Mid October 2018, I woke up to 39°F.  With the dry desert air, it seems colder.  So bring your warm bedding.

Some of the Tent sites are very rocky.  Especially those west of the main ring of RV/Trailer sites.

There is water available scattered about in the tent area.  Also a centralized Shower/restroom building as mentioned.

This was our recommendation for the place to camp before your hike into Supai begins.  It still is based solely on location.  Its just over an hours drive from here to Hilltop Trail Head.   You can start out driving at first light before the sun comes up.  Avoid driving Indian Road 18 in the dark.  Too many open range animals on that road to attempt it at night.

Set up camp then walk over to the restaurant and enjoy a meal or adult beverages during the evening.  Meal choices are limited.  Those I know and have heard from do like this part.  I certainly do.

This beats sleeping in your vehicle at the trail head.  Trust me, I have tried that too.

The cavern restaurant is near the campground area., some distance up the hill off the main road.  You pay for your sites at the restaurant gift shop.  Or you can set it up in advance.  Don’t get confused with the restaurant/cafe right off RT 66 where the cavern road takes off from.

The best deal is to purchase the cavern tour + meal combo.  We have also had our meal served down in the cavern as part of that package.  Very affordable.

Have your meal served 200+ft below the surface.  Be sure to take your sweater!

I have been on several cavern tours in many parts of the country.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Tour guides keep it fun and informative.