There is an underwater, small cave like feature, under one of the falls at Beaver Falls.   Some know it as the “Green Room”.

We are reluctant to post location details since finding out that in 2017 someone died in an attempt to make it inside.  But the information is all over social media so we wanted it mentioned in our search criteria.  We also want this identified as a potential hazard for people who do not know the story.

We understand that isn’t the first time, or first injury suffered attempting to check out this cave.  We won’t go into detail but that info is also out on social media.

This underwater feature is really only a small air space with little head room.   More like a small pocket in the rock.  Not an actual “cave” you may be imagining.  Depending on how high the water is, there may no head room?  During normal water levels, perhaps a couple three people could pop up at the same time.  With enough room for their heads to be above water.

The danger is coming up too hard and hitting your head.  Not to mention drowning.   If you are like some and disregard warnings, make sure you use some type of buddy system in case something goes wrong.  You are far away from any medical assistance.

We do need some of the readers out there that have photos of the inside of the “Cave” to send us a few so we can display them on this page.  It is not a big enough deal to risk your life for.