We have people state that from the trailhead to the campground, the trip is anywhere from 8 to 12 miles one way.

On numerous trips we have taken, we have used independent fairly high end GPS devices [not step counters] to measure the distance. We pretty much stick to the worn trail the whole way. Maybe wondering a wee bit to take photos. But on numerous trips, we always come in right at about 12 miles one way. This is to about mid point in the campground.

I am sure if a person was vigilant about cutting every single wide sweeping bend or curve in the trail, taking shortcuts. That person may be able to lessen the distance walked to some minor degree. But may miss some of the joy and beauty of the hike itself.

If you figure on 12 miles. Plan your hike time on 12 miles. And physically train, and prepare yourself for 12 miles. You won’t be disappointed if it actually somewhat less.

Many people report doing the hike from trail head to campground in around 5 hours. Some faster. Some slower.

You set your own pace. In a group, the slowest of the group should be in the lead.

If you have no idea how fast you hike. Here are some guides to go by. 4 MPH for most people is beyond a very fast walk. They would be at a slow jog continuously to maintain that average speed.

Somewhere between 3.5 and 4.0 MPH most people would still be at a jog. Or mixing jogging and fast paced walking.

Between 3.0 and 3.5 MPH most people would be at a fast paced walk. Some can not continuously maintain this pace as it approached 3.5 MPH.

To maintain 2.5 to 3.0 MPH a person would be walking a pretty steady fast paced clip. Perhaps taking 1 or 2 very quick rest breaks, or take the time to empty sand out of their shoes. These are the people that can do the stretch between the trailhead and the center of the Village in right around 3 hours.

Less than 2.5 MPH is a more leisurely pace. Depending on how many breaks and the pace you set you may make the stretch from the trailhead to the center of the village in 4.5 hours or more.

Once you leave the Village and head off to the campground you are looking at 45 minutes to an hour. Or more, if you are slower paced.

All distances shown are 1 way.
Double the mileage for a round trip

9.5 miles Hilltop Trail Head Parking to the Center of Supai Village
2.5 miles Center of Supai Village to Center of Campground
0.5 miles Center of Campground to top of Mooney Falls
0.5 miles Center of Campground to Havasu Falls
3.5 miles Center of Campground to Beaver Falls
9.0 miles Center of Campground to Confluence of Colorado River