SOCKS – Just as important as your footwear choice

Socks are an important footwear choice.  Socks come in close in importance, right behind your boot choice.  Cotton socks get sweaty and cause blisters.  There are high tech socks on the market that wick moisture and don’t have sewn seams in spots that rub.  Some recommend wool.

Check out socks such as:
Darn Tough Socks
Dry Wick type socks
Merino Wool Socks
Synthetic Fiber socks

Some suggest liner socks inside your other socks (make sure your boots are fitted to such)

I for one can’t wear wool.  I successfully backpack, and have for years, using cotton athletic socks. They are not recommended and not recommended even by me if you have no problem with other types.

You have to  take precautions if you do end up using cotton.  I do several things.  I get new ones that provide lots of cushion.  The type with no sewn seam up near the toes that rub.  I wash them at least once before the trip.  I carry extra’s and make a point of changing them during the hike down, and back up….whether I think they feel like I should or not.  They are either washed out and completely dried while in camp, or I carry enough fresh ones for the trip out.  The fresh ones are kept in zip lock bags so they never get wet or damp if it rains.   This might mean carrying 6 pairs of socks for this trip. (Consider the weight).  But if you can’t wear wool or some synthetics, you may need this option.