TOENAILS – Trim them before you go!


This is one of the most overlooked simple things that causes so much pain!

To avoid toenails popping off, and they do more easily than you can imagine.   Trim toenails 1 week to 10 days prior to your hike.

Long nails (generally normal looking length) will rub inside your footwear and can cause the nail to come off.   Even if they don’t pop off, many will experience severely “bruised” nails.  Very painful!   This is a very common injury on this trip.  I would venture to say based on observations it is the leading cause of injury on this trek.

It may have to do with the first couple of miles of switchbacks?  All downhill.  Poorly fitted footwear will have your foot sliding into the toe area.   Many opt for footwear such as Keens, with the wider toe area.  Your foot does flatten some in the course of a long backpacking trek.  You may need the added room.

Don’t let your nail trimming go until the last minute.  Cutting one way too short right before the hike can result in a painful trip too…so perform this task carefully a week to 10 days in advance.