Be sure to secure your valuables at the trail head parking in your vehicle.  Also while on your adventure down into the canyon.

People have started writing to say valuables are being stolen from vehicles in the parking lot.  Also from packs, as well as from their tents, left unattended at the campground.

None of our group over a span of many years and many trips has experienced this.

Consider a light day pack to carry your valuables to and from if using pack services.  Make it pull double duty.  Use it during the day when hiking away from your tent.  I have always practiced this anyway.   The light day pack has all kinds of useful purpose when out exploring during the day.  You might want to hang around if you use pack animals.  Until your gear is picked up.  Or have someone top side waiting for your gear so it isn’t sitting up there unattended.

We have no experience with break in’s, or campsite theft.  This has never happened to me or anyone in our group.  It is unfortunate this may be happening in such a beautiful place,  and with such wonderful hosts.  I suspect fellow campers/visitors before anyone else.  Especially after you witness other disrespectful things they bring and do.

Many visitors walk by unattended tents, or packs that are waiting for transport.  So it is best to pack in, and out, all of your own gear.  Carry valuables with you on day trips.

With that said I would also practice normal security concerning my vehicle when left at the Hilltop Trail Head Parking.  Just like you would do in any public parking lot.

Put valuables out of sight, locked away, and lock your vehicle.  But again I have never experienced a vehicle break-in incident, nor has anyone that has gone in our groups over the years.