FERN SPRING is only source of safe drinking water downstream of the village.

Fern Spring is in the Camping Area. It is found along the left wall (facing downstream). It is approximately mid point in the camping area. Though at time it seems closer to the campground entrance, than the Mooney end of things.  Look for a small wooden sign…or people carrying bottles to refill.

Some use other containers.  For the most part your pack bladder is the best option to keep your pack weight down.  See Drinking Water for more info.

Please don’t be so unaware  of proper protocol, that you start washing your hands, body, or cooking utensils, in or around the spring.  That is a no-no around the spring.

On all trips I have been on, it has been supposedly safe to drink. Supposedly the spring is tested by the parks service periodically.

The official Havasupai website recommends all springs and streams be filtered if used for drinking.

On rare occasions we have been informed the spring has been tagged unsafe.

I always carry a filter and sterilizing cartridge and use it. Many use it straight out of the spring not filtered.

Most people do not recommend using any of the steam waters in the area for drinking.  Filtered or not.