CAMPGROUNDS – SUPAI area within Tribal Lands

CAMPGROUNDS  (Tribal – Supai area)  reservations for the entire year open up the first weekday of February, 9 a.m. (Local Time), and are taken until 5pm.  We believe as of 2018 this is February 1st since their “On-Line” reservations system was fully functional.  So February 1st seems like it will always be “Opening Day” for Campground Reservations?

We assume 2019 will be handled via On-Line reservations?

For the 2018 season Reservations were secured via “On-Line”.   This was a vast improvement over the telephone call in process of previous years.  Reservations are made through
Their latest info on their procedures should be found there.  When the reservation system is off line in the off season they provide a Email Sign Up process to inform you of upcoming information.

Please note: In 2017 the on-line system only worked for a short time and they turned it off.

Feb 2018 saw the system make all the reservations.  Some people reported some issues but the volume of hits in the short time frame must have been incredible.  300-350 reservations per day, times the amount of available days in 2018.  All snatched up and reserved in a few hours.  Those that didn’t know and tried calling on the telephone were most likely disappointed.

Reservations are paid up front.  They are not transferable, and are non-refundable.  The reservation can be put in two different peoples names.  But when the time comes, at least one of those two people must be checking in, and be on their list when/if checked along the trail while hiking in.  ID is normally asked for too.

The reservation policy and phone numbers for Camping Reservations, differ from those for the Lodge.

Do not call these below numbers to try to reserve the Lodge.  The below numbers are associated with the Campground only.

Campground Info Telephone numbers are:
These same numbers can be used to arrange pack animals.



Havasupai Camping Reservations

Camping Tourist Office Hours
May-October 6 A.M- 6 P.M
November-April 9 A.M- 3 P.M

Camping Information and Fees
Campground open February 1st to November 30th
Peak Season: May-September
Reservation Required

2018 Campground Information & Rates:

Pricing for 2018
Fee includes all necessary permits, fees, and taxes:

One Person, 2 Days / 1 Night: $140.56
One Person, 3 Days / 2 Nights: $171.11
One Person, 4 Days / 3 Nights: $201.67

All weekend nights (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Holiday weekday nights (February 19, May 28, July 4, September 3, October 8) + Spring Break weekday nights (March 5-8 and 19-22)
Will be charged an additional $18.33 per night.

Have alternate days/weeks in mind when you call, be flexible because once you get through on the phone you don’t want to have to call back.  People sit on the phone for days, all day, attempting to dial in and get answered.

Do not make other travel reservations such as airfare until you lock in your reservations to Supai.  In many cases you will not get the exact days you want.  If you have to lock in work vacation or airfare ahead of time like many do, have an alternate plan for something else in the area.  But also be ready to reserve at your back-up destinations, as soon as possible.  This whole area is very popular and hotels, campgrounds, etc fill up during popular months. Things like the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and others.

The Havasupai Tribe is developing an “on-line” reservation system.  It functioned briefly the first day of the February 2017 reservations, and was then shut down.  In 2018 it made the bulk of the Camping Reservations.   No info on what 2019 will bring, but guessing the on-line system will be available again?

The Camping/Tourist office, for Access to area and actual check-in for those holding valid reservations, is located in the village of Supai,  This is a 8-9 mile hike from the trail head parking area.

You are not suppose to be hiking through the village during the night.

Campfires, Alcohol, Drugs, and Firearms, are prohibited.

The Link below to a Google Earth image of the Supai campground area.  Which is roughly from the base of Havasu Falls (about 1/4 mile NW of the base), along both sides of the stream, to the area just above Mooney Falls.
Google Aerial Image of the Supai Campground Area

For more details concerning the campgrounds see:
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