The LODGE,  can be reserved 1 rolling year in advance.  Based on the actual date of calling in to place a reservation.  Some indicate it starts June for the following year.  It also includes what might have come available in the current year, due to a cancel.

It comes with access for up to 4 people.

The LODGE policy differs from  camping reservations.  Lodge reservations open up in June for the following year.

Whereas, Camping reservations start Feb 1st for the current years season.

At this time, all reservations for the LODGE must be made via telephone.  To date there had never been an on-line system to reserve the Lodge. These phone numbers differ from those used to secure camping.  Do not call these numbers for camping reservations.

This info was last updated in 2018.  Procedures, prices, and rules may change at any time.  The Officical Havasupai Website [See menu button above]  is the place to search for their latest info.

To make LODGE reservations please call:

Lodge Fees (2018 rates)
Room Rate $ 175.00* per night (The room),
Rooms accommodates up to 4 persons.
Deposit $60.50 per room/ per night
Additional entrance fee of $90.00* per person will be charged upon arrival.

*All fees are subject to change without prior notice.
All fees are non-negotiable. All fees are taxble by 10%.

Lobby Hours
Daily Hours: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm

Lodge Reservations
At this time, all reservations must be made via telephone.
To make reservations please call us at:
(928) 448-2111 or (928) 448-2201

Information Needed for Reservations:
First and Last Name
Full Address
Phone Number
Dates requested
Credit Card Information
Please DO NOT send credit card information via email!!!

Lodge Cancellation Policy
2 weeks prior to reservation: Full Refund
After 2 weeks prior to reservation: Non Refundable

The Lodge is reserved separately from the camping reservations.  You must have Lodge Reservations before hiking down.

The rooms in the lodge fits up to 4 people. It doesn’t matter how many people the reservation was made for. You can bring into the room 4 people including yourself. You will have to pay the right amount of money when you check in. In other words, the room will be the $ per night no matter if you are 1,2,3 or 4 people.  Then each person, on top of the room charge, has to pay the one time entrance fee.

The Lodge is like a basic hotel. With no TV or wall decor. 2 full size beds. Desk, chair, love seat. Shower and toilet behind a door. Sink and good sized counter top in shared space. No cooking is allowed indoors.

Outside in the common area there are 2 raised metal grills, and charcoal can be purchased at store (@$20.00 per bag 2016 prices). There are several long picnic tables for your table top cookers or backpacking stove. The cafe in the village is available for meals if you wish to travel light.

Note: No places to hang hammocks in Lodge area.

On day of departure if you have made arrangements for pack animals, and staying at the Lodge, you leave your tagged gear near the Lodge entrance. It will be picked up and shuttled via pack animal up to the Trail Head parking lot. If your gear is all there please tip your wrangler.

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