At certain times of the year you will find the Fry Bread stand open in the area of the campground entrance below Havasu Falls.  Through the years most of us refer to this as “The Fry Bread Lady”.

[Note]:  After the devastating July 13th 2018 Flash Flood we understand the location has been moved.  Those reporting back when the area re-opened September 1st, 2018 indicate the tents have moved up the trail to higher ground.  Closer to Navajo Falls.  Across the main trail form the side trail that heads off to Hidden Falls.

You are in for treat if you haven’t tried out this local treat.  The frozen gatorade is often a welcomed addition too!

Bring cash.  There are not credit card services at this food stand.

Just beyond Havasu Falls, as you follow the steep trail downhill to the campground area.  Continue downhill on the trail past Havasu Falls.  At the end of this steep grade you will dump out into a fenced in horse corral area.

At this location, there is often times someone making fresh fry bread.  This is in the location where the trail abruptly levels out to some shade of trees and large house size rocks.

This is the general area of the campground entrance and area the pack horses unload.  This is also near the drop point where you need to pick up, or leave your packs being transported via a pack animal.

Some of the local people will often times have a Coleman stove going and frying the bread in a hot cast iron skillet.  A skillet sizzling with hot oil.  They also sell a variety of frozen and unfrozen Gatorade.  It’s like the local Starbucks some mornings. Expect a line.  It is a great treat if they are set up and cooking.

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