,What will the 2019 Season/Year bring?

According to one of our unofficial but reliable sources, rules that for the most part existed but were not always followed or enforced, will be, in 2019. The following paragraph has been inserted in our otherwise generic info on rules.

in 2019 look forward to: Hikers will be required to sign paperwork (consent to the civil jurisdiction of the Havasuapi Tribe.) when checking in, agreeing to rules and regulations being upheld (some examples: citations and confiscation of phones/cameras if caught taking pictures in designated no-picture zones, littering, alcohol, drones, jumping/diving from cliffs/falls, going off trail, etc…). Citations and fines may be levied, with challenges being referred to State court and in some instance, Federal court.

Image Courtesy:Shermin Benn Young 2016

We update this from info hikers and tribal contacts that forward to us. Be aware these rules are subject to change.

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NO NIGHT HIKING See more info

To Check In
All visitors Must Have Valid ID to present when signing in
Must Have Reservation Number
Your Full Name (Plus: Full Names of members in your group)
Check-in dates of others in group arriving a different time
Email Address
Vehicle Plate information

Each person will be issued a wrist band with the group leaders name and group size printed on it. Plus one”Campsite” tag per group, to be put on one of the tents (normally the group leader), on the side facing the main pathway.  Group must camp in the same general area.

No Alcohol
No Firearm’s
No Campfires
No Drones (Their official site says $1000 fine and the confiscate)
No cliff Diving or Jumping [As of 2018 even jumping feet first is prohibited]
No Commercial Photography without written Tribal permission
No entry or photography of any tribal burial grounds

You or your group leader will have to fill out certain documents when you check in.  One of which is that you have been advised as to the latest rules.

If a group leader checks you in, that person is responsible to advise all group members of the local rules.   Pretty much what we will touch on at numerous places in our website.

For the Official and the “Latest and Greatest” Rules, refer to the Official Havasupai Tribe website.  There is a convenient menu button to link you there.