One of the Tribal rules is no night hiking.  There is also no one day turn-around hiking.

Night hiking applies to the Main Trail, and any other areas.  This applies to hiking in from the Trail Head.  Also Hiking out to the Trail Head.  This applies to hiking the area when set up in the campgrounds.  This also applies to the village.  A walk to the campground pit toilets at night is an exception, if you are camping there.

Even though this should be mostly common sense, you will find some who disregard the rules.

Between the hours of 6pm and 4am you are not supposed to be walking/hiking/backpacking through, or in, Supia Village. You will more than likely be confronted by tribal law enforcement and not allowed to pass into or through the village.  Some apparently are never confronted because we sometimes see stories of people hiking at any given hour.  If you are one of these types you need to be more considerate of others.  If that isn’t possible please at least follow the rules.  This rule was confirmed by one of the locals that works in the Camper/Tourist Check-in office, in the village of Supai.

Should you come into the village at night, at a minimum you will be unpopular with the locals.  It might not be just tribal law enforcement that confronts you.  Be respectful, this is their home.

Some people have no respect, and will more than likely ignore this warning. The main walking path through the village wanders through the locals housing area.  About the time you get their dogs barking after dark, you won’t be too popular. Can you imagine your house right on the path?  Then at night, people  hiking through, with no regard for waking the locals up?

As for tourists wandering off the main path in the village, this is a no no at any hour!  Stick to the main trail.

Please have respect for the people that live in Supai, so they have respect for us that have visited for years without trouble. There seems to be more and more people with no common sense, and someone has to spell things out.

In addition, you must stay on the main trail when hiking during normal hours.  Other trails are off limits and require special permission from tribal authorities to be on them. Remember you are not suppose to be wandering through the residential area off the main trail.

Other area’s such as Tribal Burial Grounds are off limits, at all times.  The locals do not want you taking photos of the Burial Grounds.

If in doubt find Tribal law enforcement or a Tribal ranger to ask.


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