A one day hike in/out, “Day Hikes” in an attempt to see and visit the area or waterfalls are not allowed. You must either have a confirmed overnight reservations for the campground, or Lodge accommodation reservations, to enter the area.  On top of that you have to pay an Entrance Fee as well as an Environmental Fee… 10% Tax.

You must check in at the Camper/Tourist Office in the village of Supai.  That is located about 9 miles into your hike.  You are given a personal Tag or Wrist Band indicating you are paid and checked in.  You can then proceed beyond the village once you have your wrist band or pack tag.

Some of us that live near the general area have asked if we can hike down the first day of reservations (February). Secure reservations rather than going through the nightmare of the phone calling system. Then hike back out that same day. We were told that is a no-no and not allowed either. It would be a long round trip not to secure your reservations you thought you might get.  Or get turned away at some point on the trail because you lack a reservation.

In 2017 visitors hiking in, were challenged at several points along the trail by a local/ranger. You are asked about your reservations and the name of the person the reservation(s) were made under. They have a paper list of all the names for that day. They were turning people around that didn’t match their list.

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