This WATERFALLS Index will take you to specific waterfall information.  All these waterfalls are located in a side canyon, off the Grand Canyon, in an area generally referred to as Havasu Falls.  The actual Havasu Falls waterfall, is just one of many all clustered together.  These are all located in near proximity to Supai, Arizona.  All of these waterfalls are unique and beautiful in their own way.

Info in these linked pages is provided to show you where they are, how to get to them, trail issues such as special ladders to access a trail, photos, and more.

The first series of waterfalls are found before Mooney Falls.  The second series, includes Mooney Falls and beyond.  We divide them because some people with a fear of heights will not attempt the Mooney Falls trail, and never experience what is beyond.  Mooney Falls creates a natural barrier that requires ascending a trail that pretty much encompasses a 200 ft cliff.

NAVAJO FALLS  First Best sighting off the trail north of the village, heading to the campgrounds
50 FOOT FALLS  One of the first after leaving Supai on the way to campground.  Can be barely seen upstream of Navajo Falls.  This one is worth the extra short hike.
HAVASU FALLS  Near entrance to Campground.  Area’s namesake
HIDDEN FALLS  This area and Falls is OFF LIMITS to Tourists/Visitors

The “Mooney Trail “Tunnels – Chains – Ladders” are required to reach the base of Mooney and on beyond to Beaver Falls or to the Colorado River.

MOONEY FALLS At the far end of the campground 200+foot drop
BEAVER FALLS  A day trip from the campground

HIDDEN CAVE Under water at Beaver Falls area (Something to do or something to Kill you?)

These are divided into sections purposely and pretty much in the order you would encounter them after walking north on the trail out of the village of Supai.

There is a physical terrain dividing point at Mooney Falls.  To descent to the base of Mooney Falls requires a very physical challenge.  Some people with a fear of heights will not be able to hack the trail.  No matter what physical condition they may be in.  Read about it in on the Mooney Falls page.