Gator & the Chair is a comical reminder for planning any backpacking trip. Reducing Carry Weight, while gathering gear, food, and necessities for a trip is probably the most important goal to be working toward. Way in advance of any upcoming trip.

I have gone pack heavy on some previous backpack trips. I can assure you, overloading your pack can really ruin, or at least dampen your thoughts, of ever backpacking again.

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Here is our comical discussion about gear you don’t need. Titled “Gator and the Chair”. Our friend Brian (a.k.a Gator) is a good sport and always has us laughing.  It’s sometimes hard to tell whats really true.  This video is for you that want everything along on your back. We may laugh, but we have all been right here. At one time or another. Or to some degree.


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