UPDATE Havasu Falls Flash Flood 201807121439

FLASH FLOOD News Release – Havasu Falls/Supai Area

The latest update [As of 07-12-18 2:39 pm local]

The evacuation of all visitors in Supai is still underway. All visitors are being helicoptered out of the Canyon to Hilltop.

Indian Route 18 is open to outbound traffic leaving Supai.  No inbound traffic other than law enforcement is allowed.

At this time, neither the American Red Cross or the National Guard have been deployed (as was rumored).

DPS has a field officer in Supai to assist Tribal leadership in assessing and evaluating the situation.

Authorities are closely monitoring reports from the National Weather Service.

Tourists with confirmed reservations for the coming weeks should contact their travel advisor for more information.  Please DO NOT contact the Tribal Tourism Office at this time.  All phone lines are being used for emergency services.


Tourists Waiting for Helicopter 7/12/18 Permission for photo release through HMA PR by Heather Mitchell


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