MOONEY FALLS TRAIL – VIDEO – Tunnels Chains & Ladders

Mooney Falls Trail Article and Still image by: Rick Beach.
Video by: Nataliia Sheianova.

Mooney Falls is about 200 ft high. The trail from the top to the bottom is not for some with a fear of heights.

The last half of the climb down is normally bathed in mist off the falls.  For some this part is very scary.  You are grasping chains to secure yourself.   Rock footing is wet and slick.  You are on a near vertical cliff face.  Descending first.  But the only way back out, is to take the same route back up.

There is often 2 way traffic.  Some people have no courtesy to wait.  This is even more intimidating to those that are timid and not real sure they should be attempting this climb.  Maintain 3 point contact at all times! For many it is the highlight of the trip.

Once down at the base of Mooney Falls it opens you to a vast area of more water falls.  Beaver Falls several more hours of hiking downstream is a “must do” also.

Mooney Falls Trail Video: Courtesy of Nataliia Sheianova

Photo and graphics by: Rick Beach


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